100HL wine/cider fermenter tank


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  •                                                                                         100HL wine/cider fermenter tank 


    All of the wine fermentation tank and ageing wine storage equipment are produced from stainless steel 304 and with proper-fricative appearance design of tank body and the best aspect ratio design. And the body appearance design included heavytap, basis pyramids, flate base, etc, which can offered according to your choose. We could supply proper bank structure according to the different requirement of many kinds of fruit wine.


    There are screen cloth and riddle drum devices which allocated in the fermenters, so it is easy to separate dregs and slurry effectively and insure the wine quality. The inner of the tank body is polished whose precision can be reached t0 0.4um, so it is easy to clean and wash the tank body and keep the biological stability during the every processes of making wine, etc...


    The temperature of fermenters and ageing wine tanks are control led by the refrigerant injected in the jacket cooling by miller plate jacketed design which owns a high effective ratio of heat transfer and a high precision of temperature control, thus can keep the wine quality too.

    Tanks Options: 

    -Volume capacity 

    -Flat/slope bottom or cone bottom

    -Cooling jacket/insulation

    -Filtration screen 

    -Pipe connection customized

    1Total capacity12100L 
    2Effective capacity11000L
    5Interior shell3mm
    6Top Manway sizeΦ500
    7Side spend grains door 530x430mm
    8Bimetal thermometerΦ38
    9Materials outlet Φ51
    10Cooling typeDimple cooling jacket
    11Cooling area5㎡  
    12Glycol liquid inlet  1pc
    13Glycol liquid outlet1pc
    14Sample port Φ38
    15Drain outletΦ102
    16Breather portΦ51
    17Glycol inlet/outletG1
    18Liquid level indicator 1pc
    19PT-100NPT 1/2
    20CIP portΦ38
    21Support leg4*SUS304
    22Adjusted bolts4pcs


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