Beer bottle fiiling and capping machine


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    Equipment explanation:

    1. It is use the Siemens S7-200 controller and Schneider buttons and knobs.

    2. Separate pipe systems of keg washing part and filling part. It own steam sterilize that is suit for stainless

    steel beer keg and also has acid neutralize function.

    3. Fill way is invert.The machine will stop until full.

    4.The whole machine use the stainless steel AISI304. All pipe welding use orbital welding system.

    Pipe inside and outside are clean and sanitation.

    All in one machine about beer filling:

    1.PLC automatic control and parameter adjustment without stopping

    2.Be equipped with washing and filling functions.

    3.No leakage and long life.

    4.It suits to green life &beer keg.

    5.Be equipped with CO2 pressing function.

    6.Be equipped with CIP system

    work process:

    Washing working procedure:

    Pressing→air blowing/drain off→water washing→air blowing/drain off→hot caustic washing→

    air blowing/to caustic box→hot water washing→air blowing/drain off→Acid washing→air blowing/to Acid-water box→hot water washing→air blowing/ drain off → steam sterilized (air blowing/drain off) →co2 blowing/drain off→co2 pressure preparing→cylinder return
    Filling working procedure:

    Pressing→steam sterilize keg spear →open the spear→co2 pressure preparing→filling→close the spear →washing spear surface→drain off→cylinder return

    If you are interested in our Keg washing&filling machine, remember to inquiry me.

    Thanks, all the prices as below.

    Main properties and characteristics:

    1,Automatic control by PLC,could be adjustable when the machine is open.

    2,Cleaning and filling could be finished in this machine at one-time. 3,Pipeline use steel edge which could ensure no-leaking and long life

    4,Well- used for beer fresh bucket and draught beer bucket

    5,Has CO2 prepairation function

    6,All use Pneumatic double acting Angle seat valve which could ensure the action sensitivity and reliability

    7,Anoxic and rated pressure filling function

    8,CIP automatic cleaning system


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