1-1 Canning filling and sealing machine


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    Industry-first ability to handle all of standard cans 

    Tiny tabletop footprint 

    Fully automated purge, fill, lid apply, seam 

    Simple/quick change between can sizes  

    Lids placed on foam Rapid installation add lid device 

    Designed for ease of maintenance/operation

    Adjustable timers for all system functions 

    CIP/SIP for fill system 


    Patent-pending cans-less wedge seamer : fast, repeatable; low maintenance  

    Lid applicator with CO2 blanket generator; very reliable 

    Curved arm type color intuitive movable touch screen  

    Wash down systems for easy cleaning 

    With rinse function before filling and with spray function after seaming 

    Use high quality panasonic servo motor 


    1. Closed fill tubes that do not re-acquire air between fill cycles 

    2. Pre-fill purge station that clears air out prior to fills 

    3. Short paths from fill to seam 

    4. CO2 blanket generator when lids are placed on foam 

    5. Dial-in foam/fill levels for individual fill head control 


    Power: 120V or 230V 1-phase (50/60hz) 800W 

    Controls Air: 87-102 psi 1 cfm of clean, dry air 

    CO2: 58-65 psi .5 cfm of CO2 

    Throughput: 7-8 cans/minute, depending on can size 

    Can Sizes: Standard Can 

    Dimensions: 800x 600 x 1700(mm) 

    Weight: 120KG 

    Construction: AISI304 stainless steel,anodized aluminum and POM 

    Dissolve Oxygen: ≤50ppb



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