1500L Complete brewery equipment


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  • Applications area: Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Micro brewery,etc. 

    Beer Brewing Equipment design ideas are from the professional commercial beer brewing machine, so the operating procedure will be almost the same with the professional ones.

    All the parts of the brewhouse system are made of stainless steel 304(pipeline and inside and outside of tanks are polished very well). In the production process, we will make a very strict inspection on welding. The quality of our products reaches the first class in China. 

    1. Brief introduction of the brewery equipment

    1) Main raw materials of beer brewing equipment: Sanitary SUS304 or red copper;

    2) Main ingredients for beer brewing: Malt, Hops, Yeast and Water.

    3) Beers you can brew: different Lager, Ale, Stout, Bock, Porter and different Green beer, Red beer, Dark beer, Yellow beer, Juice etc. classic beers and new type beers.  

    2. Usage of the brewery equipment

    Home, restaurant, hotel, brewpub, bar, barbecue, laboratory, micro beer brewery, teaching, scientific research, biological engineering project, etc.

    Nowadays, Craft beer is popular in the whole world.
    No matter you are a learner or a skilled brew master.
    Only if you have passion for beer, then you could have your own one.


    Micro brewery equipment

    Brewing System



    Grinding System


    Double Roller,Noise<60db

    Heating System


    Electric,Gas,Oil,Coal Type/CE certification

    Brewhouse System

    Mash/Lauter tun

    Mashing Process:Decoction.Infusion.Multi-step infusion Heating source:Steam,Electric,Gas SUS304/Red copperInterior:3mmExteior:2mm

    Brew Kettle/Whirlpool Tank

    Hot Water Tank

    Heat exchanger

    Stainless steel plate

    Fermentation System

    Fermentation Tank

    Top manway/Side manwayDrying hop port to brew IPADimple Plate Cooling jacketCarbonation port to fill CO2

    Yeast Adding Tank

    SUS304 Stainless Steel

    Cooling System

    Glycol Water tank

    Equiped with PU level indicator


    ISO900/CE certified electric elements,Copeland compressor


    Cleaning System

    Disinfection Tank

    SUS304 full welded

    Alkali Tank


    Control System

    Control Cabinet



    Auger System

    Grain Case

    Grist Hydrator

    Piping flow panel for Brewhouse

    Brewhouse Separate PLC Controller



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