1000L Fermenter


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  • 1000L stainless steel beer fermantation tank is also called CCT’s (Cylindrical Conical Tanks), FV’s (Fermentation Vessel), beer fermenter, beer fermentation tanks, primary fermentor or unitanks, as they are used both for fermenting and lagering. 

    The amounts of beer fermentation tank concerns how much beer do you sell per week, per month. 

    Fermenting is the process during which the yeast convert the wort into beer, which usually last 2 weeks for lager. 

    Lagerings takes place after fermenting and is the time given to the beer to stabilize and age after fermenting. 

    Stainless steel fermenters can be individually temperature controlled through glycol jackets and are mostly equipped with accessories such as overpressure and under pressure valve, CIP cleaning jet, sanitary sample valve, manhole,etc. 

    Interior Finish: Sanitary 2B finish, Pickled and Passivated; (8K Mirror finish optional)
    Exterior Finish: Oil brushed finish(2B, 8K Mirror finish optional)
    Insulated with high density Polyurethane foam; TH=80mm
    Glycol Jacket: Dimpled plate on cone and side
    Dished head and 60 degree cone bottom
    Sanitary side mounted manway with pressured door
    TC connected CIP arm with 360° coverage spraying ball 
    CO2 blow-off arm with butterfly valve
    Full sanitary metallic sealed sampling valve
    Mechanical safe valve PVRV 2 bar on CIP arm
    Hydraulic shock pressure gauge on CIP arm
    Rotating racking arm and port on cone with butterfly valve
    Tri clamp discharge arm with butterfly valve
    Thermowell for high accuracy temperature sensor
    4pcs completely SUS304 heavy duty legs with leveling pad and legs support
    Dry hopping port 4'' TC with solid end cap 

    Request for special:

    1.  Spundding valve. It works well at the primary fermenting period to release the exta pressure inside fermneter.

    2. Carbonation stone: Help you do beer carbonation, thus the fermenter becomes unitank.

    3. Level tube: this is equivocal  design. some brewers like it to see the beer level, while some  hate the hard cleanring it takes.


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