10BBL brewhouse


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  •  Mash System

    1.System is mainly composed by mash/lauter tun, boiling pot, whirlpool tank, hops adding equipment etc.

    2.The main body of mash tun, mash copper system all using international standards, high-quality 304 stainless steel.

    3.The manufacture is using of modern automatic plasma & laser cutting and the protection of pure argon gas welding and other technology.

    4.The full mirror polished technology for the inside of the tanks which expose to materials such as wheat mash; externa 

    Beer Brewhouse 

    Mash tun, Lauter tun, Boiling Kettle, Whirlpool tun in various combination

    Hot water tank and cold water tank for optional in special combinations

    Infusion or decoction brewing methods are designed exactly

    Stainless steel or copper cladding are popular

    Two stages or single stage heat exchanger for wort cooling

    Completely stainless steel integrated work platform

    Sanitary and efficiency wort pump

    All pipings and fittings 

    Brewhouse System is mainly composed by mash tun,lauter tun, boil/whirlpool tun, hops adding equipment etc. 

    The main body of brewhouse system all using international standards, high-quality 304 stainless steel. The manufacture is using of modern automatic plasma & laser cutting and the protection of pure argon gas welding and other technology. External matte polished to ensure customers with high quality and low price, beautiful mash system. 

    Mash tun 

    1.Use of highly efficient miller jacket heat technology, the application of scientific principles of steam turbulence to achieve maximum heat transfer, energy-saving effects, while taking fully automated temperature control technology, to ensure the heating and the heat accuracy at the stage of the saccharification, gelatinization process.  
    2. The international advanced speed control system using the variable frequency, automatic control technology to ensure the homogeneous liquid mixture gelatinization, mash saccharification process. This system can maximize the biological activity and conversion, catalytic effect of the enzymes in the gelatinization, saccharification process, to ensure the best quality beer and the highest yield from the source.

    Lauter tun 

    1. Use of advanced scientific farming knife shaped structure and hydraulic automatic take-off and landing system technology to ensure the uniform double slot, the smooth groove and also the improved filtering speed and production efficiency. Maintain the transparency of the wort and a good juice yield. 
    2. Applying with the international advanced suspension, stirring devices, with variable frequency, speed control, automatic control technology, so that the operation could be more convenient, flexible and maintenance is simple, cost-saving.

    Boil/whirlpool tun 

    1. In application of advanced boiling, pressurized technology to improve the boiling intensity, greatly increased the evaporation dimethyl sulfide, promote coagulation such as proteins and other cohesive material, so that rapid separation of boiled wort and polymers. 
    2. By the off-pump hybrid technology to speed up the inside wort heating rate, wort is heated with an even temperature to avoid partially overheating caused degeneration phenomenon. This technology can ensure the quality of the boiled wort.

    3.Design according to the quantity of the spent grain on unit filtration area, enlarges the proportion of the height and diameter, reduces the speed, promotes the settlement of coagulum and cohesion to achieve the best separation


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